Group Builder is an online media company focused exclusively since 2001 on online discussion forum communities.

Since 2001 Group Builder has been active in the development and acquisition of online discussion forums. Group Builder has successfully owned and operated communities in a variety of verticals such as automotive, aviation, beer & wine, pets, outdoor sports, firearms, agriculture and hobby. We have acquired over 80 online discussion forum communities and currently manage over 30 including Homebrew Talk, Amtrak Trains, Soapmaking Forum, Rocketry Forum. These have ranged from 100k posts to 10M posts. In 2012 we did an exit of our automotive vertical, in 2014 we did an exit of our outdoor, firearm and agriculture verticals.

After our exit in 2014 we changed ownership then ceased buying forums. With the rapid decline of forums and the buyer pool drying up their future became hard to predict. However, starting in 2018 we began to acquire forums again with a completely new outlook. Instead of focusing on revenue and growth, our focus shifted to the preservation of knowledge. Forums are not dead, they have declined but there are still communities to foster and there is knowledge that needs to be saved. Every single forum has countless hours of knowledge invested into them by the community. So often we see forums just vanish, we have a list of over 1500 forums that are now offline that once had over 200,000 posts. Our goal is to acquire and preserve as many forums as possible, all the while doing our best to foster new growth all with limited ads and privacy intrusion. We find the addition of ads, Javascript and the like, can be the final death blow to a community. The sites we acquire have a good track record of slowing the decline in posts.

If you own a forum, we would be glad to speak with you about it. We will even acquire inactive forums or forums you have taken offline but saved the data.